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It’s the fire that burns within us that makes us feel alive. Taking the leap to follow your passion is scary, but finding your passion is rare. With balance and drive on your side nothing can stop you.


Finding balance in life is hard. Understanding how to set goals and achieve them in a way that brings about happiness and purpose is valuable.


Once you find your passion, it’s your drive that will make your dreams come to life. With the right mindset, positive attitude and sheer determination - anything is possible.

Kate is a resilient, inspiring and well renowned keynote speaker, recently appearing as a contestant on Australian Survivor 2016.

Having completed her Chartered Accountancy and working as a financial analyst since 2010, Kate's awe-inspiring life experience and authenticity help her draw upon the importance of balance in this busy world.

Often finding it hard to find the appropriate work-life balance Kate began to explore alternative means to health and wellbeing through mindfulness, meditation, mentoring and yoga.

In 2013 she published her memoirs, My Story - A Path to Hope, after a horrific boating accident left her with debilitating mental and physical injuries.

Her aim is to help and inspire others with the key message that with the right mindset, positive attitude and sheer determination - anything is possible.

Kate's programs are tailored to any informative and intimate level.

Keynotes and Speeches

Kate is driven by her life experiences which she uses to engage audiences with open and honest encounters.

Covering areas like mental health, trauma, positive thinking, storytelling, how to ask for help, and how to take charge of yourself, your confidence and life.

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Kate's practices are built around life lessons and experiences to aid participants in reaching their full potential.

Life coaching is not a form of counselling or therapy, rather it is future focused to enable you to reach your desired goals, state of mind and overall wellbeing.


Kate's unique story and experiences allow her to relate and challenge a students way of thinking, helping them prepare for their next chapter in life.

School workshops can be tailored to match a range of suitable life lessons and storytelling.


Kate's interactive workshop sessions allow participants to become involved in taking charge of their day-to-day lives and facing the world head on.

Workshops are short sessions of 2 hours in small groups of 4 – 10 participants - they are great for engaging coversation and team building.

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My Story - A Path to Hope

My Story is an inspiring and gripping story of a young woman determined to regain her life against any obstacle.

On 17 November 2007, Kate Campbell suffered life-threatening injuries when the boat she was a passenger on crashed into a pylon on the Swan River. She beat the odds and woke from a coma only to face horrendous injuries, bouts of depression, multiple surgeries and physical rehabilitation.

What also lay ahead was a long legal battle with the driver of the boat, Luke Woollard. For nearly five years, Kate was in and out of the courts fighting for justice, all the while dealing with personal issues, before a chance meeting with a top lawyer finally saw her life turn around.

My Story provides an insight in to how she faced these adversities and how she never gave in.

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